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OutDisk FTP for Outlook

OutDisk FTP connects Microsoft Outlook to your web server. Upload big files, and share the link
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26 August 2015

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Professionals have the knowledge that even if emails along with other documents could be effectively sent through mail clients, transferring of large files is not possible through them. But without transferring big sized files the accomplishments of projects or even day to day operation of an organization would come to a standstill. So with help of OutDisk FTP for Outlook 4.6.1 the whole task of transferring large files bulky via emails. This solution actually integrates Windows Desktop plus offers great assistance for Outlook Users for it acts as a vital add-in. The FTP utility with its simple design and multitude of feature, users have no technical or FTP knowledge can transfer hefty files within an organization effectually.

OutDisk FTP for Outlook automatically uploads files the moment it realizes that a file threshold is reached. The application is immensely secure to use and as it supports SFTP ensuring the files that is transferred is not at all breached. Using the locked setting, you have an advantage of saving the setting which you have adjusted far from any alteration by others. The receiver can also get notification of all those files that are uploaded by customizing ‘Landing Pages’, which then can be downloaded into the hard disk. Thanks to its highly organized functionality several users can use the tool and without mingling files can share their files. OutDisk FTP additionally offers to be very beneficial for organizations employing compliance procedure, as it provides very effective control on distribution of email attachment. As the application odes the uploading by itself and devoid usage of any special commands, using it is very simple and easy.

Working with this FTP solution is terrifically easy and offers varied possibilities for users to transfer large files in a secure and effective way. We therefore can think of rating this tool with three stars out of five on account of its effectiveness.

Publisher's description

OutDisk FTP helps you upload your large files to a webserver so that you can share the download URL by email or through an instant message. It helps you avoid file size limitations in email. OutDisk both a desktop software and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook (2003/2007/2010/2013). Outdisk can insert the download link directly into your Outlook email message. It works with your web server. There are no expensive monthly service fees, and your files remain on servers that you control.

OutDisk compresses your files into smaller zip files to save space. You can optionally apply strong AES-128 bit encryption to protect your files.
When you send your email message, OutDisk automatically uploads your file(s) to an ftp server, and inserts links to the files inside your Outlook email. The recipient simply clicks on the link to download the file through their web browser.
OutDisk includes a test FTP account so you can try it out right away without any additional setup. Download a free trial.
OutDisk FTP for Outlook
OutDisk FTP for Outlook
Version 4.62.15
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